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We stock a wide variety of different audio accessories for hire, including DI boxes and Phantom Power Supply. These accessories help to provide the final technical elements to your hire package.

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Klark Teknik DN100 Active DI Box


The new KLARK TEKNIK DN100 Direct Injection Box is the natural successor to the long-established LBB100. A ground-up redesign provides an extended dynamic range, lower noise floor and all the world-class audio performance you’d expect from KLARK TEKNIK. DN100 is also designed to handle the rigours of life on the road: a thick aluminium shell protects the electronics, and this in turn is protected by a tough silicone rubber casing, which is replaceable and available as a spare part.

Weekly Rate: £12.00

BSS AR-133 Active DI Box


The unit includes phantom power and battery supplies as standard. Should the phantom power from the console fail or be accidentally switched off, the AR-133 automatically switches over to the internal 9V battery providing uninterrupted use. The unit is housed in a rugged aluminium extrusion case, with robust polyurethane end-cheeks which give the AR-133 a very distinctive look. Input connectors are both 1/4" jack sockets and an XLR socket, the latter meaning that the AR-133 can be used to convert unbalanced signals to a balanced output on XLRs throughout.

Weekly Rate: £12.00

Stereo Mini Jack – DI Box


3.5mm Direct Injection box.

Weekly Rate: £12.00

Passive DI Box


Passive DI Box

Weekly Rate£6.00

AKG 2 Channel Phantom Power Supply

Phantom Power.

Weekly Rate: £9.00

AKG 6 Channel Phantom Power Supply.

Phantom Power.

Weekly Rate
: £18.00