Special Effects

From crowd pleasing pyro effects, to smoke and snow machines,
we stock a range of special effects for a variety of applications. Whether you are staging a performance, a corporate event or a party, our effects can be an impressive addition.

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Pyro Control Equipmentopen / close

Le Maitre Standard Pyro Pod


Standard firing pod for use with most effects.

Weekly Rate: £5.50

Le Maitre Angle Pyro Pod

Angle pods must be supplied in the case of streamers, confetti and glitter cartridges. The angle of the pod can be adjusted at intervals of 15°.

Weekly Rate: £7.00

Le Maitre Concussion Pot

A concussion pot must always be used for the firing of flash reports. It is a robust device bored from a solid piece of steel. The concussion pot is small and readily portable, enabling it to be sited virtually anywhere.

Weekly Rate: £14.00

Le Maitre 2 Way Pyro Controller + Key


A pyro detonator box with two channels enabling independent firing of up to two pods per channel. Each channel has an individual on/off switch and separate firing button. The firing system is supplied with its own key to allow isolation of the system when unattended.

Weekly Rate: £7.50

Le Maitre 6 Way Pyro Controller + Key


Similar to the two-way controller but with the capacity to fire a maximum of twelve pods across six channels.

Weekly Rate: £18.50

Le Maitre 6 Way Pro Stage Pyro Controller + Key

The Pro Stage six way controller is a six channel battery operated cap discharge system. Features bulgin connections for use with flash pods and turret connections suitable for wired effects. Each channel can be fired individually with up to sixteen effects wired in series over 100m. All six channels can be fired at once with up to eight effects on each channel.

Weekly Rate: £18.50

10m Pyro Cable

Cable for Pyro Units.

Weekly Rate: £1.50

20m Pyro Cable

Cable for Pyro Units.

Weekly Rate: £2.50

Pyro Jumper Set

1 x Bulgin MXLR + 1 x Bulgin FXLR.

Weekly Rate: £2.50

Effect Machinesopen / close

Chauvet Geyser™ RGB Upsmoke Machine


Make a statement with Geyser™ RGB — a unique effect fogger that adds a touch of drama to any performance. This powerful fogger blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-power (3W) LEDs. A combination of red, green and blue LEDs allows you to easily mix the perfect color to illuminate the fog.

  • DMX Controllable
  • Produces a 25FT high column of illuminated fog
  • Capable of vertical or horizontal mounting

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Daily Rate: £35.00
Weekly Rate£70.00

Le Maitre MVS Haze Machine

The MVS produces a haze that has a far greater hang time persistency than glycol smoke machines and other water based hazers. The unit has a variable high output haze, twin variable high output haze projection fans and 90 degree electronically moveable haze output direction.

Weekly Rate: £70.00

Antari Z Ice Low Smoke Machine + Remote + Drain Tube


This revolutionary machine is the first of its kind. it produces the ever popular, low lying "heavy" smoke of a dry ice machine, without the inconvenience of dry ice or the potential health hazards caused by dry ice's heavily CO2 laden smoke. Place up to 10 kg of ice into the ice chamber to cool the smoke produced by the 1000W smoke machine contained in this unit. Then watch the floor disappear in ankle deep smoke.

Weekly Rate: £50.00

Antari Z1000 Mk2 Smoke Machine - DMX

Antari z1000 Mk2 Smoke Generator

Antari Z-1000 MKII fog machine with Z-10 on/off control, 1000W heater, unicore technology (the most easily serviced fogger thomann on the market), quick and easy cleaning, high quality pump, ECO advanced thermal control system, operates at low level temperatures, constantly ready to fog, output volume and duration maximized, warm-up time minimized, control board for adjusting the DMX-starting address, electronic low-fluid detector, includes multi-function remote control with 10m cable and mounting bracket. Perfect for all venues.

Weekly Rate: £50.00

Antari Z1020 Up Smoke Machine

Antari Z1020 Upsmoke - DMX2

Z-1020, the most powerful DMX-controlled vertical pure fog machine which stands differently from the other Z-Series. Its design is for special purposes and applications which you can’t find in any fog machines available. It uses mirror-piping heater technology that supports advance features and high-throughout burst mode with its extreme low energy consumption. Other features include DMX on-board, built-in electronic low fluid detector.

Weekly Rate: £50.00

Rosco 1700 Smoke Machine + Remote

The Rosco 1700 is supplied with remote control on a 5m lead which allows volume control and timed dispersal. In addition to these basic features the Rosco 1700 has an optional DMX interface to allow full control from a lighting desk and can also be daisy chained to provide control of up to 4 machines via a single remote. This unit requires approximately 8 minutes to reach optimum temperature and consumes around 50ml per minute.

Weekly Rate: £44.00

Le Maitre Opti Mist Smoke Machine + Remote

Le Maitre Mini Mist

This unit is more compact than the alternative smoke machines on offer. It uses a canister of compressed fluid allowing easy transportation of the unit. Its small size enables handheld use of the unit, however 13amp mains power must be maintained on the Opti Mist.

Weekly Rate: £40.00

Le Maitre Mini Mist Smoke Machine

This unit is more compact than the alternative smoke machines on offer. It uses a canister of compressed fluid allowing easy transportation of the unit. Its small size enables handheld use of the unit, the Mini Mist is fully portable once up to temperature.

Weekly Rate: £40.00

Antari S-100Mk2 Snow Machine + Remote

The S-100II is a robust, high pressure, large output snow machine that produces abundant amounts of snow that are capable of blowing considerable distances.  The durable motor is enclosed in rubber cushions within the case for high output and low vibration.

Weekly Rate: £40.00